Just A Peek at the Setting Sun

Though the pine trees which proliferate my trout camp effectively block my view westward of the setting sun, they do allow an eye-catching peek which dazzles.

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  • Amazing! Reminds me of a time when I was a kid, and the moon was just starting to peek over the hill on the opposite side of the valley we were in. At first, all you could see was a fiery orange glow among the trees, and I had a moment of horror as I thought the hillside was burning. Then laughed when I realized it was only the moon 🙂

    • Julie, my brother Mort and I had a similar experience to yours with the moon, except it was shortly after a hard, hard rain while in camp. After the rain passed and the clouds moved out, the night sky in the east became so bright we at first thought we were seeing bright city lights far in the distance, though the closest large city was a hundred plus miles away, but then the full moon rose and bathed us also in light. It was pretty cool.

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