Winter Storm Warning – Yeah, Right

So, a winter storm warning is in effect up in my trout camp neck of the woods, which they’ve modified at least a half a dozen times in the past 36 hours, changing snowfall total amounts, wind warnings to no wind warnings, etcetera, etcetera. While it is snowing, it started about 7:30 a.m. EST, and it’s been mixed with a bit of sleet and rain, I do not think it warranted being rated a winter storm. It’s some early spring winter weather. We’ve gotten about 4 inches of snow in total so far. We’ll see if the weather guessers are right in regards to their 7 – 12 inches prediction. It’s northern Michigan, one has to expect this in late March, not to mention the entire month of April and into May.

My Black Capped Chickadee friends, along with the White Breasted Nuthatches, and the occasional Darked Eyed Junco, have been chattering at me for peanuts whenever I step outside, and a few other creatures of the forest have, surprisingly, been moving around a bit too. I’ve seen one of the beaver’s babies munching a bit of streamside greenery, a deer scampering back in the woods when I went to replenish my wood for the stove, and a pair of wood ducks showed up, I think they may be the ones that use our nesting box each year. I’ve also tended our bridge, which just the other day I had cleared of ice in case my propane guys show up, as they won’t cross the bridge with their rig if it’s icy. I think it’s a beautiful day, but not a day to step in the water and fish. It’s snowing quite steadily at the moment, still. Here’s a few pics.

Black Capped Chickadee on knee

Baby beaver munching

Keeping the bridge clear

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