Michelle Tandler Must Be Seriously Addled

Citizen Free Press has a link up to a Twitter thread of Michelle Tandler wherein she is bemoaning the rampant homelessness and crime in San Francisco, and justifiably so when you consider what happens on the streets of San Francisco in this day and age.

Tandler tweets out a litany of San Francisco ills, bemoans the loss of manly men, ponders if vigilantism should become a thing in San Francisco once again, and more. But it is the final words of Michelle Tandler’s final tweet in the thread which makes me question whether she actually is living in reality, regardless of her Linkedin profile, or is simply an addled individual who is living in a fantasy world.

“I’m going to ask ChatGPT.”

Seriously, Michelle Tandler? You’re going to ask ChatGPT for advice on what you should do in regards to the problems you’re having in a major city which in actuality is the center for grifting in the State of California and turns a blind eye to criminality and rampant drug use on the street? Does she not understand that ChatGPT is simply a regurgitator/plagiarist of previously written words programmed by human hands to sift away actual solutions and further instill stupidity into the general population? If you’re going to ask ChatGPT for advice, Michelle Tandler, you may as well attempt to program a street cleaner sized Roomba to clean up all the needles and feces off the streets of San Francisco.

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