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  • Not All Black Men Are Sellouts

    I’d no knowledge of a gentleman, a Black man, by the name of Royce White until just now. He described himself this way in his Twitter bio in 2020: “American, Hotep, Blackface, Extremist, Alt-Right, Cis-Male, Sexist, Misogynist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Xenophobic, Antisemitic, Christian-Fundamentalist, etc.” He penned this, An Open Letter to The Black Bourgeoisie, in response […]?

  • Without Theology

    John C. Wright has an excellent essay posted titled The Ship of Theseus and the Demon of Descartes. It will take a bit of time to read. But, if you have no affinity for theology, or philosophy in general, even though you are living an aspect of philosophy daily in your lives, you may be put […]?

  • If You’re Not Dutch, You’re Not Much, You’re Racist

    I long ago accepted that I was in HIllary Clinton’s basket of deplorables, being a white conservative male, and now I learn that being a Dutchman, which I 100% am, is problematic also. Manhattan’s Collegiate School, in a 400 page report exploring their alleged failings as educators, has determined that their Dutchman mascot is racist, […]?

  • Current Television Commercials and The Approved Narrative Observation

    Though I do not watch much teevee, this past weekend, while watching some PGA Tour golf, and catching a bit of the AFC and NFC championship games, I noted that the television commercials, which over the past two years all seemed to give a nod to the dangers of Covid-19 The Gain of Function Flu (The […]?

  • Are You A U.S. Based Violent Extremist? Find Out Now!

    Are you, or someone you know. a U.S. based violent extremist? Take the 42 indicators test helpfully supplied by the friendlies at the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center and published in the U.S. Violent Extremist Mobilization Indicators 2021 Edition. Rat our your neighbors, friends and family, or that weird looking […]?

  • Is There A Doctor in the House?

    I have not been to the doctor since February 2020, which is just before the real madness started in response to Covid-19 The Gain of Function Flu (manmade), The GoFF, so masks were not yet a mandated bit of theater, in fact, that rat Fauci, was saying at that time, that masks were basically useless, nor […]?

  • Thoughts on America on Edge

    Billy Beck is not as prevalent a presence on the interwebs as he was in the past, neither am I for that matter, but he has a new piece posted at Substack titled The Ratchet of The Tensions that is well worth your time in reading. An excerpt: I know anger. I know why. I, for one, […]?

  • Ivermectin and A Miracle Spit in the Dirt

    Ivermectin is back in the news, the past couple of days. One article notes another peer reviewed study on Ivermectin’s efficacy against Covid-19, another article informs readers that a doctor who prescribed Ivermectin is being forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation, a Soviet method of dealing with dissent, i.e. not toeing the party line, and this in the […]?

“Prayers of Steel.”
Carl Sandburg – 1878-1967

“Lay me on an anvil, O God.
Beat me and hammer me into a crowbar.
Let me pry loose old walls.
Let me lift and loosen old foundations.”

“Lay me on an anvil, O God.
Beat me and hammer me into a steel spike.
Drive me into the girders that hold a skyscraper together.
Take red-hot rivets and fasten me into the central girders.
Let me be the great nail holding a skyscraper through blue nights into white stars”