Venn Diagramming the Incorrect Books

I’ve been seeing the below Venn diagram on the innertubes rather frequently lately.

Though those books do portray many of the dystopian aspects which in fact are taking place in society, today, right now, none of those books actually portray the true underlying problem(s) which can lead to the dystopian societies so vividly described within their pages.

I think that Whittaker Chambers’ book, Witness, should more aptly be referenced. Chambers’ real world experiences as an actual Communist underground member, and his exposure of the depth of penetration the Communists made in the United States government, beginning in the 1930s, better explains why the United States is where it is today.

I am not saying that the United States government is rife with underground Communists, today. What I am saying is that almost every elected and unelected official in the United States is a right out in the open Socialist looking to force the United States into full on Socialist system which leads directly to Communism. Whittaker Chambers’ experiences clearly, and truthfully, can explain why the United States is in the dire straits it currently is experiencing.

The few Communists taken down because of Whittaker Chambers’ coming forward when he did, only skimmed the surface of the Communist evil deep within the United States government. Today, the evils associated with Communist and Socialist thinking are right out in the open and it is time for these evil ideas to be destroyed, with extreme prejudice.

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The Error of Christian Gentleness Towards The Evils of Communism

“But I was not only gentle. Deep within me there was a saving fierceness…If you kick my dog in the stomach, though I have refused to fight one hundred times, and will refuse again, that time I will wait and fight to destroy you. I cannot help myself. Within me there is a force. It says that gentleness, which is not prepared to kill or be killed to destroy the evil that assails life, is not gentleness. It is weakness. It is the weakness of the merely well meaning. It is the suspended goodness of the men of mere good will whose passivity in the face of evil first of all raises the question whether they are men. It is the permanent temptation of the Christian, who, in a world of force, flinches the crucifixion which alone can give kindness and compassion force.”

Whittaker Chambers, Witness, Random House, Inc., 1952, First Printing, L III, pg. 185

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COVID-19 Vaccine Warning

Geert Vanden Bossche, Phd DVM, “a world renowned pro-vaccine” doctor, who has worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, strongly cautions against mass Covid-19 vaccinations. Heed the warning.

World Renowned Pro-Vaccine Doctor Pleads with the World to STOP COVID Vaccinations

A small snippet from Geert Vanden Bossche’s warning to the CDC, WHO, FDA, et al.

‘We must halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as a temporary health benefit to the most vulnerable groups does not justify a public health disaster of international concern’,…“In our naïve and simplistic attempt to prevent the pandemic from running its natural course, we are in fact providing the beast with an even much better opportunity to escape host immunity than natural infection does.”

Manuscript pdf of complete letter to CDC, WHO, FDA, et al

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Predictions is Hard

The “experts” are continually warning us that we’re all gonna die, be it from drought, too much snow, too little snow, too much rain, too little rain, overflowing oceans, etc., not to mention polar bears, penguins, and coral reefs dieing off, or what have you.

Well, here is one easy place to track all the extinction level events predicted in the past, and the upcoming extinction level events and/or weather disasters predicted for the future, complete with countdown clocks, and clocks that track the extinction level events which have passed us by without killing us all.

Predictions is hard.

The Extinction Clock

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Jesus is Not “A Sweater-vested Mister Rogers”

Dave Daubenmire has an interesting, and somewhat jarring for Christians, piece up titled The Rotten Fruit of Friendship Evangelism, which is well worth your time to read. The intro to Daubenmire’s piece.

Christianity is at a crossroads in America.  Despite what we have been taught over the last three decades, Almighty God is not some white-bearded Grandpa sitting in an easy chair in a safe place called Heaven.

He is the current reigning King of Kings…The Alpha and Omega…the All-Powerful Everlasting God.  He rules and reigns over all the earth and He is returning to earth on a White Stallion, not as a suffering Savior, but as a Conquering King.  His job description states that “In righteousness He is going to Judge and make war.”

Why has the modern-day American church sold Him to future converts as a sweater-vested Mister Rogers whose sole aim is to be nothing more than a good neighbor?  The death of Jesus on the cross was required for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  Personal salvation is simply the fruit of His sacrifice.

Hattip: Vanderleun’s Strange Daze

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Live Free, Or Die

The United States of America, as a republic and and land of freedom is dead. Americans are now ruled, and a large percentage of Americans like being ruled, or, are fooling themselves that the holders of power are not curtailing their freedoms, not ruling them, but they are deluded.

Hal Turner considers this fact in a piece titled The Republic is Dead; There won’t be any “White Hats” Riding to the Rescue; Either Fight now or prepare to die.

Turner’s piece does not sugar coat the falling of the United States of America into progressive, i.e. communist/socialist/fascist which are actually all the same, hands.

One thing not to succumb to, though, which Turner states he suffers from due to the condition of the United States, is “stress and dread.” Instead, steel yourself to live free or die, as a free man with a free mind should. You can choose to be that one free man, who knows where his personal line in the sand is, or you can succumb.

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Blame Luther and the Protestants for Literacy, Too

The Roman Catholic Church is not enamored with Luther and the Protestant Reformation he brought into existence, and cast blame for the schisms resulting within the Christian Church upon Luther. Well, I guess we can blame Luther and the Protestants, too, for literacy.

…So, when did people decide that everyone should learn to read? Maybe it came with the rapid economic growth of the 19th century? Or, surely, the intelligentsia of the 18-century Enlightenment, imbued with reason and rationality, figured it out?

No, it was a religious mutation in the 16th century. After bubbling up periodically in prior centuries, the belief that every person should read and interpret the Bible for themselves began to rapidly diffuse across Europe with the eruption of the Protestant Reformation, marked in 1517 by Martin Luther’s delivery of his famous 95 theses. Protestants came to believe that both boys and girls had to study the Bible for themselves to better know their God.In the wake of the spread of Protestantism, the literacy rates in the newly reforming populations in Britain, Sweden, and the Netherlands surged past more cosmopolitan places like Italy and France…

Martin Luther Rewired Your Brain


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The United States’ Government Is Illegitimate

Yes, the United States’ government is illegitimate. I personally think it has been so for over two decades, but today, those who hold federal political offices no longer even attempt to disguise its illegitimacy.

For a more in-depth treatment of the illegitimacy of the United States’ government, read The Grand Illusion, from which the following excerpts were taken.

The federal government is illegitimate. I can unwind that all you want, but it’s a fact. It’s a fact to such an extent that they have put up a twelve-foot-high fence around the capitol with razor wire crowning the structure. They’ve posted twenty-thousand troops near at hand in case too many of us figure it out. They are afraid of us and they should be…

This country is coasting on an illusion. There is no federal government, or state governments at this stage, except for the original thirteen, who were not created by the Constitution. The states might maintain their borders and government to the degree that the people of that state agree to play nice. All federal laws, however, are moot. Most state laws that were required to replicate the federal laws likewise are moot, except to the extent that those state governments agree to maintain them…

This is all very simple. There was election fraud.

They don’t want you to talk about election fraud, because that is the one topic that most can agree on and it is the one that literally pulls the nation apart. Most people haven’t done the deep dive, yet. They know there was fraud and expected the government officials to live up to their oaths and do their duty, but they all abdicated. Why? Because they all know instinctively that to recognize it is to dissolve the government.

All of those sitting in congress right now know the gig is up. They remain, because if they can stay there long enough, project authority without having it, they can obtain it just the same. This is why they all talk about preserving “democracy” by taking their position. It is their justification for keeping everyone quiet about what we all saw take place. The question is: whose “democracy?” Certainly, not the people’s republic.

Hat tip: American Digest.


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You Only Need One Reason to Not Take the Covid-19 Vaccine

Over at the site Gates of Vienna, a post has been put up by Rabbi Chananya Weissman titled 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine.

Rabbi Weisman’s list well covers the many reasons why you should not submit to taking the Covid-19 vaccine, but you only need one reason to not take the Covid-19 vaccine. Truly, the one and only reason you need not take the Covid-19 vaccine is because you freely choose not to take the Covid-19 vaccine. You are either a free man, with a free mind, or a slave to the state.

My body, my choice, right? Or is that slogan only applicable to women who desire to kill new life growing within them?

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